The Trunk Swing

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Here is Vince Reynold’s latest video from Fair Haven, NY. He is certainly making the blade disappear at the entry, beautifully efficient and athletic.

The nexus point is established by the trunk swing, from Hanlan’s pendular, Fitz and Joy’s movement of the “Column” from the hips. So that at full reach of the trunk and arms, the knees at their apex, the seat full forward, on the balls of the feet with the heels up, and the blade at blade depth, you are at the nexus of the entry. At the other end of the slide, it is a quick release as well with three of the five movements employed at the wrists, hands and fingers, so subtle. Movements four (arms) and five (knees up) follow quickly and your on your way into the recovery.

Again those arms are much more connected near the end of the drive to the trunk. They are integrated. The athletic “Trunk Swing “ is the answer to the orthodoxy’s “set the body angle.”

The stern and bow decks are so level Vince. The shell looks like Hanlan’s running as though it was being drawn by a string. Beautiful work Vince!

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