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The Run between strokes or don’t disturb the run of the shell. Concentrate on the movement from the hips. This is the movement of the extended trunk. You are changing the angle of the trunk to the perpendicular. This movement change is what brings the seat forward.

In the beginning it is a conscious move. You feel the seat move a little and you feel the trunk change its angle. Latter it will become an unconscious movement. You will simply do. It will be without effort as you transverse the slide bed.

The shell itself will simply slide under you without any conscious effort on your part. The shell has truly become part of you. The shell runs level and continuous becomes at the exact completion of the swing forward is the well timed entry of the blade.

There is is no distinguishing pause of the blade above the water and thus, a pause in the run of the shell. Every aspect of the stroke is one. All aspects are seating upward, are relaxed, are extended and poised. The upper and lower cores are operating at full capacity.

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The oar blade at the releaseSpencer and Mike sculling in a double