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Do Your Eyes See?

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Do you see the positioning of the lower legs at the entry? They follow the splay of the feet to the armpit width. Do you see the rhythmic movement of the legs into and away from the midline on the drive. Do you see the levelness of the shoulders as the trunk moves forward and backward on the slide? Do you see the level, flat wrists of the hands? Do you see the upright, core engaged, trunk at the completion of the drive?

You are looking for the total picture, one of integration. Do you see the arms angled slightly and raised to just below the shoulder level at the entry? The outside arm is resting in the outside armpit. The shoulders are level.

Do you see the clean , continuous releases creating the deep puddles. In the single, do you see the level hands and the ever so slight upward movement of the hands to place the blade into the water?

All of this individual small movements have to become a whole, an integration and surprising there is a lot that we can see as a sculler or oarsman. We have to be carefully taught.

James C. Joy
Over his long career as athlete, coach, teacher and mentor, Jimmy has touched directly and indirectly thousands in the rowing community. From novices to national, world and Olympic champions, and for coaches at many levels, all have benefited from his holistic and technical approach to a cyclical non-fragmented stroke where there is a strong bond between body, shell and the water creating a state of flow within an integrated whole.
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