The Two Wholes

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So I drove down to the boathouse this morning thinking I might get out for a row, but strong northeast wind thought differently. I decided I’d like to at least get in a workout on the erg and I ended up erging for 30 minutes.

Later on in the piece I shifted my focus and began thinking about a concept from Jim Joy called the “two wholes”. Thinking about the recovery has one continuous whole movement and then thinking about the drive has one continuous whole movement. I found that this point of focus really helped me maintain good posture and just good flow on the erg as a workout progressed.

Interestingly enough once I finished and got up from the erg I was surprised at how my back didn’t feel at all strained. This is often the case when I erg that my back will feel a bit strained from even a short erg workout.

I definitely think there’s something to this thought pattern of the two wholes and blending the wholes at either end of the stroke around the entry and around the release. The whole movement feels far more connected and far more relaxed, but surprisingly the splits on the erg monitor were quite a bit lower and I didn’t even feel like I was pulling particularly hard. There’s definitely something more to explore here.

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