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“George Pocock said that the best oarsmen in the world had been the Thames professionals who rowed all day long, so he would meet us at the dock at 8:00 AM and return at 4:00 PM. George Pocock told his son Stan not to read books on rowing because they were all written by University educated types. The best information on sculling came from the Thames Watermen. The Thames Waterman that George and his father Aaron admired was Ernie Barry, the World Professional Champion.”

Hobart’s stroke man in 2015, Joe Beismeyer from Portland Or., shows excellent bladework and uses a sculler’s entry.


Sherri Cassuto demonstrates the sculler’s entry (Thames Watermen sculling style taught by Frank Cunningham), safe back posture, and great attitude toward life. Lake Washington, Seattle, Oct 13, 2015.

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pierce"Edward Hanlan of Toronto – Champion Sculler of the World" (George Rees, 1880)